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Serving Lunch
Monday thru Saturday
11am - 3pm

Cafe by Day...
Full Liquor Bar with
Live Events at Night

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5775 Airport Blvd.
Austin, Texas USA

Open M-F 6:06am-10:10pm or Later
Sat/Sun 8:08am-10:10pm or Later

Comments, Questions, Suggestions?
Contact the Owner
Thomas "the coffee guy" Gohring at:

For booking, please email Justin at:



FLEMTV profile of Kick Butt and our
2010 SXSW Battle of the Bands - 5min

Kick Butt's First Tuesday JAZZ JAM profile
by the Austin Jazz Alliance - 11min32sec

Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze Commercial with
the Bruce Lee Nunchucku wielding Barista - 30sec


Music Open Mic Profile of Andrew Stone - 1min36sec
Join us Every Thursday Night from 7pm -11pm


Music Open Mic Profile of Maggie Burt - 1min52sec
Join us Every Thursday Night from 7pm - 11pm


Music Open Mic Profile of Mocha Washburn - 2min02sec
Join us Every Thursday Night from 7pm-11pm


Spoken and Heard Poetry Open Mic Video Invitation - 46sec
Join us Every Sunday Night from 7pm-10pm


Comedy Open Mic Profile of Bob Khosravi- 2min07sec
Join us Every Wednesday Night 8pm-10pm


Comedy Open Mic Profile of Amber Bixby - 2min04sec
Join us Every Wednesday Night 8pm-10pm


First Saturday Blues Fusion Dance - 5min46sec
Join us First Saturday Night of the Month 9pm-1am


Last Saturday Belly Dancing - 3min49sec
Join us the Last Saturday Night Every Month 8pm-10pm


up this week at Kick Butt?

5775 Airport Blvd (Google Map)

For booking email Justin at:




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Register to Win $250.00 worth of gift cards in our monthly drawing. Come into Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze. Fill out a short survey at the counter and you will be registered to win $250.00. Drawing held monthly from Active VIP Club member email list. Over $20,000 awarded. See pictures of past winners, just: Click Here (photo by Amanda Elmore)


Gift Cards

Yes, we have gift cards.
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Austin Monthly Magazine
Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze,
Java, Martial Arts and Music:
the Perfect Blend

by Lindsey Mullikin

WHILE CHATTING WITH A BANK TELLER about the lack of coffee shops along Airport Boulevard, Thomas Gohring came up with what he thought was a kick-butt idea. Merging his love of martial arts (he also owns Master Gohring's Tai Chi & Kung Fu ) with the community's need for a little pick-me-up, he opened Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze [February 11, 2008].

Red walls, nunchuckus, bamboo and oriental fans illustrate the business ties to martial arts. The shop, which serves coffee, smoothies, pizza, breakfast frittatas, sandwiches, wine, beer and liquor, has round, cozy booths, a giant plasma screen TV and a Wii gaming system. Amenities at the new 2nd location include a giant projection screen, a swimming pool and a Wii.

But Gohring wanted to build more of a nighttime business with a full bar as well. He asked his sister Joy, a stand-up comedian, to help start a weekly open mic night, and Kick Butt Comedy was born. The small coffee shop even opened its stage to over a 100 out-of-town musicians, including John Biz, Aim Low Kid and Christopher Denny, during South by Southwest.

Gohring built off that music foundation with regular blues fusion dance nights, weekly open mic music, monthly Jazz Jam, and monthly belly dancing and drumming as well as regular hip-hop shows and rock concerts. While martial arts, coffee, comedy and music events may seem like random patchwork, it's all tied together with a single thread, Gohring explains. "It kind of boils down to one question that we ask ourselves every step of the way: Is it kick-butt?"



Cold Brew Concentrate


Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze now features our very own toddy cold brew concentrate... Kick Butt black ice. Cold brewed and bottled daily into this sexy 32oz bottle (makes 64oz or 8 servings). Get one the next time you are goin' to Kick Butt!





"With a name like Kick Butt, you'd think the atmosphere in this coffeehouse would lean toward assertive—-or at least jittery. 'Kick back' is far more descriptive. Unpretentious and un-corporate, Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze is the creation of Austin's renowned Tai Chi and Kung Fu master, Thomas Gohring. Here you're just as likely to bump into artists, musicians and poets as you are entrepreneurs, office workers and bean counters.

The art of latte-making has been mastered. Deliciously original “sammiches” named for legends like Jackie Chan are featured on the menu. And don't resist treating yourself to the “Ying Yang” white and black chocolate cake.

Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze has earned its well-deserved black belt in mouth-watering fare and entertaining yet relaxed ambience. The only thing you'll have to fight here is the impulse to sip, eat and linger all day and night." - Magic 95 FM



Exclusive VIP member Punch Card



Exclusive VIP member T-shirt

Redeem Ten Punch Cards and get the $100 Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze classic collectors T-shirt pictured below:

Peyton Hunter and Ashley Hernandez (photo by Amanda Elmore)



VIP member t-shirt Winners




About the Proprietor

Rare Austin Magazine
Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting
by Laura Hensley

Thomas Gohring teaches his Kung Fu and Tai Chi students that energy, like fire, seeks something to burn. Gohring's students harness their energy by kicking, sparring and meditating. Gohring, a sixth-degree black sash master of Kung Fu, burns off his energy in other ways.

The 37-year-old fireball [now 41] is always seeking his next challenge--whether it is opening his own Kung Fu and Tai Chi school or building his own coffee shop from scratch.

The native Austinite first began Kung Fu when he was 14, and eventually took over mentoring new students in his teachers' classes. He began teaching Kung Fu professionally in his backyard, and opened his own school on Airport Boulevard in 1996.

"Watching Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies (as a kid) I thought, 'I want to do that,' " Gohring says. "But after a year or so training, there was some talent noticed in me. Not necessarily for my capabilities in martial arts, but for my capabilities in communicating. I've now learned to call it tuning in to what's going on with someone."

It's that intuitiveness and passion that has set Gohring and his school apart. "He's identified that people learn in different ways," says Mary Grabhorn, an Assistant Instructor at Master Gohring's school. "He has a talent for very politely and concisely making a student feel comfortable."

Gohring says that people seek out Kung Fu and Tai Chi for various reasons. Some enjoy the physical fitness and meditative outlet it provides. Others are admittedly in it for the thrill of learning how to wield nunchuckus.

But no matter their motives, Master Gohring's school (which includes four instructors) helps them all, with a special focus on beginners and people with learning difficulties or physical handicaps. Some 200 students, ranging in age from four to 79 years old, choose from 30-plus classes each week. Master Gohring's also has become popular for entire families who learn Kung Fu and Tai Chi together.

"It's not what you get to do. It's what you get to become." Grabhorn says about the process of learning Tai Chi and Kung Fu. "It really adds to people's lives."


Kick Butt Nunchucku


Yes, Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze is
the only coffee shop in the world
where you can buy nunchucku and ninja
throwing stars at the counter.



Full Liquor Bar


Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze features daily, nightly and event-specific drink specials. Our highly trained bartenders can make pretty much any drink you desire. Kick Butt!



Are We Liars?

There are many reasons why we think we are the #1 coffee house & live music cocktail bar in Austin but, you know, we will say anything to get you to come in and give us a shot (or order a shot).
So, don't believe us, take a look at what your friends and neighbors are saying:

"The only coffee shop that isn't pretentious." - Katrina Muir, Half-Price Books (Soy Latte)

"I like the atmosphere and decor the best." - Abe D. Hernandez, Austin Turning Point (White Chocolate Mocha)

"I like the to go cup lids, the cool sign, and the customer service."- Alonso Cervantes, Evolution Graphics (Vanilla Latte)

Love the coffee, the baristas and the Live Music." - Amy Hercek, DPS (Mint Mocha)

"I love the lucky cat." - Andi, AISD (Luckycat!)

"Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze, Neat Concept " - Anneliese Strunk (Caramel Latte)

"I like the Music, Movies, Drinks." - Barry Welch, Ross Recordings (Cafe Latte)

"I'm very happy, Chuck Norris and coffee, Kick Butt!" - Brian Melancon (Caffe Mocha)

" It's just a Cool (underlined twice) place to be!!!" - Brian R Everett, Goodwill Industries of Central TX (Caramel macchiato on ice)

" Very Friendly Staff" - Charlene Wilson, DCI Plasma (White Chocolate Mocha)

"I like the cool atmosphere, people (employees) and selection." - Chris King, DCI Biologicals Austin, LLC (Lg. Van. Non Fat Latte)

"You are perfect to me.  Love the Smell, the Flavor, the Quality, the Cool Martial Arts Videos and of course the Baristas" - Claire Lewis, ACC (Americano with 4 shots)

"Love the Blues Dance, and the employees: Dancing, Anna, Brandy, Miriam, Theron, Franchesca, Ben, Denver..." - Clint Zehner, ZWolf (Iced Vanilla Latte)

"I like the strong Wi-fi signal." - Corey Taber, III Coaching, LLC (Drip of the day)

"You guys are awesome, great coffee, nice people, live music and poetry, love it!" - Destiny Buesking (Iced Mocha)

"I love the atmosphere and baristas. I also love that I can catch a good movie, shoot the breeze and relax all in one place close to my apt. Best of all, no young ones. Love the poetry nights" - Mieca Johnson (High Mountain Green Tea and Pizza My Way)

"Love the personality & attitude and the tops on the to-go cups." - Erin Sheppard, Austin Baby & Austin Diaper Service (Everything)

"Like the Ambiance the Best." - Esmeralda Villegas, HCA (3 shot regular nonfat latte)

"What I like the best is the Friendly Service, the Location, the Comfortable booths, your place is Clean, has Good Coffee and the fact that you are a local business with your own personality(not starbucks)." - Jolie Muren (Blonde)

"You rock, keep doing what you do.  The coffee! Yum!!!" - Julia Balinsky, Self-Employed Message Therapist (Brewed coffee)

"I like the unique atmosphere." - Josh Mercer, Oceaneering Int'l and Singer-Songwriter (Mint Mocha)

"Pretty awesome already. Love the decorations and cool events." - Juan F Lopez, Policy Studies Inc (Choc-Peanut Butter Frappe)

"I like that there is a Wii to play, and sometimes live music. I like how during SXSW there are a lot of bands playing here." - Heather Lopez, Photo Texas (Mint Mocha)

"The whole experience is awesome." - Kendra Kalbas, Northwest Montessori (Chai)

"You guys made our day! (Although your cashier may need some free coffee.) We love Everything!" - Krystal and Bill Donagney, C.O.R.E. Traumatic Brain Injury Rehab (Reg. Coffee)

"Everything is Great, Service is the best." - Laura Kirby, Sherlocks (Chai Matey)

"Love that the Staff is Friendly!" - Luisa Leal, Austin Regional Clinic (Cafe Latte)

"Change Nothing! (underlined 3 times), Love the Chuck Norris Poster."- Lauren Matesic, Self-Employed (Mint Mocha)

"It's the Best place in town. Atmosphere - Service." - Luke Cutchen, Music Makers (Coffee)

"Make more Kickin' Chicken Sandwiches...Poetry Sunday Nights is my favorite & all
the lovely poets & the wonderful baristas that work so hard to take care of us!" - Lee Le Teff, Retired Military (Kickin' Chicken Sammiches)

"Change nothing, you' re awesome. Like the atmosphere, its inviting, and the relaxing employees are very nice." - Leslie Vera, Dell (Hot chocolate)

"The Staff is Friendly!" - Luisa Leal, Austin Regional Clinic (Cafe Latte)

"Great Coffee, Even Better Service." - Meg Wigington, Home Away from Home (White chocolate mocha)

"Everything is Great  -  Great Coffee!" - Melissa Bauer (Peanut Butter Frap)

"Wish there were more ninja puns. Love the background movies and bad jokes."- Merideth Chaffin, Hoovers (Hot Coffee)

"The setting of the place and the customer service I received when I enter. I could sit and read my bible study lesson and have a coffee and roll, and I'm a coffee drinker." - Ms. Shirley White, Churches Chicken and Girlings Health Care (Coffee)

"I love that there is live music and the coffee is great!" - Robin Norfolk, Outreach Health (Coffee)

"Great Employees!" - Roxanne White, UPS (Soy Chai Tea Latte)

"The staff are super friendly and cool :-)" - Rozanne Combs (Chocolate Brownies and Espresso)

"Love the People, employees and ambiance." - Ruthie Robinson (White Chocolate Mocha)

"Everything is Great! Love the Friendly Staff." - Shannon Ferguson (KB 24oz Caramel Macchiato!) "Cool Vibe, Cool Peeps" - Tamo Sein, 101X (Non Fat Latte)

"Love the Theme, Love the Blues On Friday, Love the Baristas!" - Michael Thomas, Capital City Paint & Restore (Chocolate Martini)

"Love the atmosphere." - Trinity Antons (Frapps)

"Ambiance was nice. I really love the booths. " - Wanda Montemayor (Skim Latte)

"I have been to your location twice and both times have been enjoyable. The wait staff is very friendly and accommodating and the tea/pastries were wonderful. You serve the best croissants that I have ever had." - Yvette Brown, Grad Student at UT (Chai Tea)

"You Cool.  -  The coffee is the best! (and Anna)"- William Koger, TX Army Guard (Black Eye Kick Butt Mocha)

"Change Nothing! KBC rocks!! :) Awesome baristas; great entertainment; lots of stuff going on." - Nancy Helton, University of Texas at Austin (Caramel Mocha Kick)

"Don't become a Starbucks -  Nice staff, Excellent Coffee." - Todd Warren, Ricoh & HR Block (Regular Jo)

"Love the Open Mic on Thursdays" - Takirih Fry, Subway (Mocha Martini)

"Cool sign! The environment is welcoming. Love the added offerings of live music, dancing and artists and the genuinely friendly staff members."- Shari Moe, Child Inc (Love All... sometimes lean toward the Chai Latte)

"The Baristas kick butt! Blues night is great!" - Zarina Saidova, Telefund (Caffe Mocha; Kill the Wabbit)

"Super!" - Millie Hayes, US Department of Transportation (the smoothies)

" I love the open mics and live performers. Great space for great words." - Tova Charles, Alfred Angelo Bridal (Strawberry/Mango Smoothies)

"I like the atmosphere and the music. It's very laid back. I would definitely come here to study. Also, your latte is way better than Starbucks!!! I found a new coffee shop to go to!" - Letticia, Student (Mocha Latte)

"Friendly Folks and Good Food." - Jillian Newman (Chai)

"Like that is homey and convenient." - Clarissa M. Davie, State of Texas (Peach Smoothie)

"Y'all have definitely stirred things up in the local coffee scene!"- Lynn Neillie, Executive Director, Aqua-Tots (Pumpkin Latte)

"You are awesome. Cool name, logo and outfits. Like that live music was playing."- Amy Cone, ACC and Self-Employed Massage Therapist (Mocha)

"It's all good. Just don't leave the triangle. Coffee Quality way better than starbucks. Nice staff, good vibes and ambiance. Love the martial arts flicks." - Alex McAlmon (Cappuccino and KB Iced Latte)

"I like the quiet atmosphere and helpful staff the best."- Andrea Gonzalez, Texas Board of Nursing (Mocha)

"Quiet place to read." - Ashley Smith, Communities in School (Soy Mocha)

"Love hanging out w/ Laptop." - Ben Woodard, Red Hat (Coffee)

"The barista Jonathan, was affable, lovely and well-versed in coffee, thanks!"- Christina Moxie, Self-Employed (Coffee)

"As soon as I walked in, I knew it would be a chill atmosphere. I love that there's a full bar (wine:) ) & a stage... I will be back! (underlined 4 times), Maria was so helpful & extremely nice! (underlined 3 times)" - Candie French, Yoga Groove (1st time here, trying a Vanilla Frapp)

"Like best the knowledge that your employees have about coffee drinks." - Connie Dasse, Homemaker (Any of your coffee drinks)

"Change Nothing! :) Friendly staff, strong coffee." - Donna Capato, Birds Barbershop (Iced Soy Latte)

"The Coffee is good and it's not Starbucks." - Jennifer Carey, Firebowl Cafe (Sweet Dream)

"Friendly, fun employees and great atmosphere." - Erin Fleming, Austin Children's Theater (Mocha)

"My server was really helpful and professional. He made me a bad ass (AKA Kick Butt) Mocha Martini. His name was Denver, I think. Good customer service. Thanks!! The bathroom is cool too. :)" - Carrie Back, Foundation Communities (Vanilla Latte)

"Friendly." - Janie, Orthopedic Specialist (Mocha)

"Love it!! Great atmosphere, awesome people, fun events , great selection of coffee & booze." - Jay Reynolds, Scoring Solutions Austin (Chai Latte!)

 "I like the overall ambiance and comfort. The baristas are nice and helpful and the baked items are fresh.  -  Kaushlesh Biyani, Electric Reliability Council of Texas (Cafe Mocha)

"I love the drinks! I come almost every day and love the VIP member punch cards." - Jessica (Vanilla Frappes)

"Love the chilled and laid back environment."- Krystal Wigheld, North By Northwest (White Choc. Mocha)

"Love the martial atmosphere & movies!" - Lena Brewster, American Income Life (Caramel Macchiato)

" My favorite drink is your Kick Butt Mocha drink---------yuuuuuummmmmmyyy!!!!  -  Favorite. I don't even have any constructive criticism for you, as I find myself comfortable and well taken care of by happy people whenever I come to Kick Butt.  -  Better Keep up the great work, and thank you for all you do." - Linda Corley

"Love the service & atmosphere." - Micheal Waits, MainTech (Vanilla Latte)

"Get more weapons for the wall. Love the Kick Butt service with an awesome "Keep Austin Weird" feel.  I really feel like it's a local business that I'm supporting when I walk in the door." - Rob Miller, Health and Human Services Commission (Carmel Latte)

"Change Nothing! Atmosphere, service is friendly." - Natalie Rulong, International Studies Abroad (Latte)

"Perfect as is! Love the movies / music / alcohol!" - Sarah Mark, Runtex (Coffee w/ toffee syrup)

"The staff are friendly and always remember us...of course we are here almost every day." - Talena Martinez, ACT (Latte)

"Great Stuff  -  Great Folks." - Terry Burgess, Consolidated Metal Tech (Latte)

"Love the music events!!! and the awesome staff." - Therese, bee sting sessions. (Tea)

"Maria & the cool Movies like 'Inglorious Bastards' 'Soldier Man' Etc." - Todd Wolfson, Self Employed (Whole Milk Latte)

"It's a quiet place I can go during the day to get some work done." - Tom Cochran, Apartment Experts (Hot tea, also beer)

"Love the comedy. Love the coffee." - Trent Gillaspie, Deloitte Consulting (Chai Latte)

"I am a tea drinker, and was really impressed with the High Mountain tea. It was awesome. I am always looking for interesting teas around town, and now you guys will be on my radar. I actually have a tea group called Austin Tea Geeks. I appreciated the fact that the music was not too loud during the day. I am often taking client class and quiet coffee shops are hard to find. I liked lots of seating and outlets as well." - Sumina Bhatti, Keller Williams (High Mountain Green Tea)

"Great-tasting product." - Whitney Gallagher

"Don't Change Nada. Love the Red Walls, TV in the Bathroom and the Uniforms!" - Sarah Mitchell (Chai Latte)

"I love the atmosphere and the staff. It's always a really chill place and everyone's really nice." - Chris Grunow, AMP Models (White Chocolate Mocha)

"Love how friendly everyone is as well as open mic nights. Everyone here is super polite and I always (underlined twice) have tons of fun." - Brittney N. Wheeler, Austin Model Photographer (Mint Mocha)

"It's conveniently located downstairs. Your coffee is great quality. Your staff is comprised of great and friendly people. You support local arts, and you're local yourself. All good things. - Martin Woldman, Student at ACC (Coffee with Espresso)


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Thomas "the coffee guy" Gohring
Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze, Austin, Texas, USA 512-454-5425
Kick Butt Coffee Music & Booze 5775 Airport Blvd, Austin TX Google Map